The Entrepreneur Diet with Gord Isman

The Entrepreneur Diet with Gord Isman

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The Entrepreneur Diet with Gord Isman

Jamie sits down with Gord Isman (A past client) to talk about the entrepreneur diet. Gord goes into his experience of shifting from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and how to handle the responsibility of being in charge of your own success. We also dive into Gord’s 30lb weight loss experience he had working with Jamie and how exercise helped increase energy while inspiring his focus towards his YouTube Channel.

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[Podcast Breakdown]

4:31 – Gord Intro & Story
6:36 – Corporate World Experience & Perspective Change To Health
12:22 – Entering Entrepreneurship & Prioritizing Health
18:08 – Skepticism & Accountability For Training
24:29 – How To Make Nutrition Individualized For You
28:57 – The Power Of Cheat Meals Used For Weight Loss & Balancing Of Hunger Cravings
31:51 – The Value Of Me & Routine
33:42 – Breaking The Diet And Losing Control Via Snacking
36:42 – Finding And Generating Joy (Grind Vs Enjoyment)
42:05 – Doing For You Increases Focus & Productivity
46:27 – Quitting Too Soon By Comparing To Others
47:26 – Achievement Through Growing & Enjoyment
54:12 – Confidence, Scripting Vs No Script On Camera
57:42 – How To Keep On Moving With Structure, Strategy & Community
1:04:19 – Gord’s Ebook On Audio, Video & Technical Products/Advice
1:07:22 – Being Fixated On Thinking You Require The Best Technology & Software
1:012:14 – Where To Find Gord

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