Copywriting Secrets With Danavir Sarria

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Copywriting Secrets With Danavir Sarria

Jamie sits down with Danavir Sarria to talk about copywriting secrets. Danavir talks about how he got started with copywriting and what it takes to sell to your audience through the power of words and sales copy. Danavir also talks about his new fitness apparel business (Athletic Origins) which is launching this year and has a product that can change the way we wear clothing at
the gym. Lastly, I ask Danavir how newcomers can start learning about copywriting and doing it the right way.

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[Podcast Breakdown]

4:02 – The Inspiration To Do Copywriting
6:08 – Freelancing Of Copywriting
8:43 – How To Do Copywriting
9:05 – Knowing Your Customer
14:10 – Unique Mechanisms In Copy
19:47 – The CopyMonk Story
24:04 – Danavir’s Apparel Business (Athletic Origins)
26:36 – Danavir’s Fitness Lifestyle Routine
29:27 – Trial And Error Of Business
31:20 – Advice For Newbies Wanting To Start Copywriting

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Athletic Origins:

Copywriting Book Suggestions

1) Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz
2) The Ad Week Copywriting Handbook – By Joseph Sugarman
3) Great Leads by Michael Masterson & John Forde

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