Psychoneurology And Self Love With Chris Bolger

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Jamie sits down with Chris Bolger, who is a 2x guinness world record holder, author of 3 self-published books, currently studying for his Ph.D. in psychoneurology, is a hypnotist and helps patients at his rehab center move and overcome their obstacles of severe emotional/physical pain using neuromuscular recovery.

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[Podcast Breakdown]

4:12 – Chris’s Background Story
5:42 – Reversing Mental Conditions With Strategies
8:45 – Stimulant Medications And Stress Response Vs Psychoneurology
10:30 – Muscle Imbalances, Stretching & Communication to Fix Bodily Pain
16:37 – The Human Body Adapts To Our Workouts & Living Environment
21:14 – Working Out Less For a Bigger Result And Lifestyle
22:55 – Live The Best Life With Your Inner Child
26:06 – Resources That We Need To Grow And Thrive
27:50 – Self Love VS Egotism (Shame & Guilt)
30:25 – Self Shame & CBT Therapists

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