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New Breakthrough “4-A Pillar” System Doubles Your Energy Levels While Eliminating Brain Fog In The Next 90 Days!

Reverse your old habits & lifestyle

"The World's First Health Accountability Program For Digital Entrepreneurs, Marketers, And Consultants"

Spend the next 90 days with 12 hard working entrepreneurs who want to increase their energy, boost their focus and maximize their productivity, so that their lifestyle can be managed with ease.

This program uses accountability and task schedule programming to make sure you show up weekly knowing what you have to do.

The results I build are not focused around obtaining big biceps or 6-pack abs. It's about having a lifestyle that supports your every move and stops you from encountering issues such as stress, burn out and exhaustion that arise from hours of work.

With these adjustments, you show up weekly, put in time for your health every single day and have fun in the process.

This rewards you with the ability to craft a lifestyle routine & strategy that is designed to work just for you!

The Program Process

What is the 4-A Pillar System?

What is the 4-A Pillar System from Jamie Nudelman on Vimeo.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you spend week by week formulating new systems and strategies that help you become more focused and engaged in the work you are doing using this system.

Your transformation will grant you a unique personalized outcome. This means that you have the power at hand to mold the reality that you want to truly live and no one else will be able to do the same, because they aren't you.


(Week 1-4)

Focus on reducing bodily and mental pain that limits you from performing at your best as an entrepreneur. Experience a reduction in joint/muscular pain, headaches, overwhelm, and bodily stress. In return, this will help you perform at a higher level with your business, experience an improvement with your daily energy, improved sleep and a drastic change throughout your overall lifestyle.


(Week 5-8)

Learn what type of foods are not supporting your health and create a personalized meal structure that includes proper protein levels, less sugar and an ample amount of greens/vegetables for your body. You’ll notice an improvement in gut health, increase in natural testosterone, and a reduction in brain fog. Your energy will increase which alters your mood and ability to focus while working on your business.


(Week 9-12)

Reduce the amount of sedentary hours spent by engaging in moving, engaging in activity and focusing on giving mobility back to your body. Learn how to reduce sore muscles and tight joints with exercises/routines that help your body breathe and feel better. Experience a reduction in brain fog, an improvement in energy from endorphin release and improvement within your business.

What you receive in the program

Weekly Content Calls

Show up each week to brand new content designed to take you through a personalized journey to your brand new goals.

You participate in a call with other entrepreneurs just like you who are here to learn how to optimize their health and create the ultimate lifestyle for continued success.

Weekly Q&A Calls

I value your questions and want to make sure you are able to show up and apply the material throughout this program.

I answer your questions, provide as much insight and value towards the specifics of what you are asking, to make sure you are successful with creating your ultimate lifestyle.

Accountability Partners

Health & wellness success comes down to the proper implementation of new habits using repetition. Outside of the weekly content and Q&A calls, you will be paired with another member of the program to be accountability partners.

I highly believe that having someone there on a similar journey as you, to check in on and can understand/help hold you to your goals is a necessary step in this program.

Messenger Group

To easily keep in touch, I place all 12 members into a messenger chat that we will all have access to for posting anything related to the MAP program.

This chat can be turned off through notification if you feel it is not required for your success with this program. However, I do believe that it serves as another place where easier access to responses, direction and implementation can be set.

Frequently asked questions

Why my clients know you'll love this

"Investing in your greatest asset - your health - will yield the highest returns of all... I guarantee it."

- James Vannelli, Founder at Transformational Marketer

"I achieved my weight loss of 25lb and improved energy goals way FASTER than I expected!"

- Gord Isman, Video and YouTube Consultant

"If you're serious about leveling up your business, I've seen the results by having fitness accountability every single day."

- Scott Oldford, CEO at The Relevancy Engine

"Jamie is that extra push to do the things you think might be too hard to do on your own that you already know you're supposed to be doing."

- Tamara Hamai, President at Hamai Consulting

"Working out only 2 times a week, I've relieved all my back pain, have more mental clarity, sleep properly throughout the night and feel much better."

- Mikael Dia, Founder at Funnelytics™

MAP Program Pricing

MAP Coaching
Subscription Model

3 Payments of $1,000

1) Alleviate Pillar Training

2) Appetite Pillar Training

3) Action Pillar Training

4) Automating Your Lifestyle

5) Weekly Coaching Calls

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MAP Coaching
One Time Payment

1 Payment of $2,500 (Save $500)

1) Alleviate Pillar Training

2) Appetite Pillar Training

3) Action Pillar Training

4) Automating Your Lifestyle

5) Weekly Coaching Calls

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Jamie Nudelman
(Your Coach)

has been a professional in the fitness industry for over 10 years focusing on private one-on-one consulting, modeling and empowering his clients to lose weight using all forms of diets.

Jamie’s breakthrough Four-A Pillar System allows entrepreneurial men and women to achieve peak performance with relative ease yet profound results.

Jamie’s love for fitness and holistic health comes from the desire to live the best possible lifestyle while feeling a sense of harmony on the inside.

Jamie lives in Toronto, Canada where he enjoys getting out into nature and sharing moments with his most dedicated clients and family.


Did you say guarantee?

100% Money-Back Guarantee: I guarantee results for 100% of the people who follow 100% of the MAP program 100% of the time.
That means that if you fully participate in the MAP program for the entire duration and do not feel like it helped you achieve a noticeable improvement in your lifestyle and fitness level, you will be entitled to a full refund. That’s my promise to you.