My Vision

MyExecutiveTrainer helps busy entrepreneurs, business owners and executives better manage their health and boost focus & productivity. This company was started because this crowd is conditioned to overworking and lack taking care of their body.

My vision is to serve this audience in order to help reset their health and get back on track in order to prolong their existence, increase confidence and finally boost focus & productivity.

My Method

My approach to health & wellness is very simple. It’s become transparent to the public that exercise is a mandatory tool that must be incorporated into your lifestyle. Without it, you end up attracting health conditions that lower life span.

The solution is to move more, nourish your body, properly make time to recover and finally craft your best routine, so that you can operate at your best self when you start the clock.

It’s important to be remember that your health matters when you have a lot of responsibility on your back. Your business or start up can easily consume you, so make sure that you have a balanced system in your life that allows you to stay healthy, energized and fit.


Jamie Nudelman

Founder & Head Trainer

Jamie is a 4+ year experienced personal trainer and now online coach. Jamie spends his time working with the busy entrepreneur crowd with a heavy focus on accountability, nutrition and mindset. Jamie knows that the ability to transform your habits and crate a new lifestyle takes incorporating the practice of patience and gratitude every day on this journey.

Jamie is here to create awareness of what you have to change. Through this he helps you design a custom approach, which in return produces more energy, increased focus, further productivity that follows a no non-sense approach!

The truth is that it’s not as hard you make it seem. You are your own worst enemy and through the use of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt, you hold yourself back from ever reaching your true potential.

Once you figure out this lifestyle by going through breakthrough aha moments, you start to realize that this whole health & fitness game isn’t that complicated. Instead it compliments your business, start up, consulting business or other type of entrepreneur based direction you are focused on being in the zone at perusing.

If you want to learn more about my method/process I use with my clients, get started by clicking the link below to access the blueprint I’ve created just for you.