My Vision

MyExecutiveTrainer helps busy entrepreneurs and business owners better manage their health and boost focus & productivity. This company was started because entrepreneurship is conditioned to overworking and lack taking care of their body.

My vision is to serve this audience in order to help reset their health and get back on track in order to increase their energy, prolong their existence, and allow them to show up to their business with the best possible state of clarity possible.

Jamie Nudelman, an international wellness authority and online coach, also the founder of where he helps busy entrepreneurs boost focus & productivity using health, fitness, and transformation mechanisms. His massively successful project, “The MyExecutiveTrainer Podcast” has over 25 episodes and 3 seasons due to popular demand. He is the author of his new book called Transformational Awakening.

Nudelman has been a professional in the fitness industry for over 10 years focusing on private one-on-one consulting, modeling, empowering his clients to lose weight using all forms of diets. Jamie’s breakthrough Four-A pillar system allows executive men and women to achieve peak performance with relative ease yet profound results.

Jamie’s love for fitness and holistic health comes from the desire to live the best possible lifestyle while feeling a sense of harmony on the inside.

Jamie lives in Toronto, Canada where he enjoys getting out into nature and sharing moments with his most dedicated clients and family.